DJI Mavic Mini – “Motor Speed Error” Firmware Update 01.00.0500

DJI Mavic Mini – “Motor Speed Error” Firmware Update 01.00.0500

Since the latest firmware update 01.00.0500 for the DJI Mavic Mini, many users have complained about the “Motor Speed Error”.
DJI recommends that the user exchange the propellers via a pop-up in the app, but what is this all about?

Motor Speed Error

The Mavic Mini Firmware Update 01.00.0500 has been causing a lot of excitement for several days. Some users of the Mavic Mini have received the “Motor Speed Error” since the latest firmware update and should replace the two propeller blades on the beeping ESC. Many communities speak of a bug in the new firmware and it is recommended to downgrade the firmware.

The error message actually disappears after the downgrade, but:

It´s not a Bug, it´s a Feature!

Many Mavic Mini pilots are outraged and claim that the corresponding propeller is perfectly fine. However, it is also reported that the error disappears after the propellers have been replaced.
The error warning is actually a new feature of the firmware update 01.00.0500. It does not refer to cracked or broken propellers, however the DJI Fly app detects bent propellers (or an imbalance). A bent propeller can have a huge impact on flight stability or even cause the Mavic Mini to crash.

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How do bent propellers come about?

In most travel cases, the DJI Mavic Mini propellers are bent due to storage and transport. The Mavic Mini has very soft propellers and in most cases (also in the soft case of the Fly More Combo) the Mavic Mini lies on the rear propellers with their own weight, whereby these are bent. With longer storage it is therefore no wonder that the bent propellers do not return to their normal position.
This is also the reason why the “Motor Speed Error” usually only occurs in the rear propellers.

The bent propeller on the left causes the “Motor Speed Error”

How is the propeller prevented from bending?

There are, of course, various ways to prevent the propellers from bending. With the soft case of the Fly More Combo, the lower propellers of the Mavic Mini can be rotated forwards in the direction of the gimbal, for example during transport and storage, or parallel to one another, because they do not rest on the elevation in the case and are not under tension.

For other third-party cases, the case should be carefully inspected for the contact surfaces of the lower propellers. If there is enough space in the case, a propeller holder can often provide a remedy.

Probably the safest method is to dismantle the propellers before each transport and during storage. Since the Mavic Mini has no quick-release-propellers , this is a rather annoying and time-consuming solution.

Another way to prevent the propellers from bending is to use stiffer propellers, such as carbon propellers. However, it should be noted that stiffer propellers can influence the flight behavior of the Mavic Mini both positively and negatively. It depends on the intended use of the DJI Mavic Mini.

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15 thoughts on “DJI Mavic Mini – “Motor Speed Error” Firmware Update 01.00.0500”

  1. Please be careful with your advice. Propellers are not cheap and changing them for no good reason is not sound advice. Installing third party propellers is also not sound advice. The screws for mounting the props should not be re-used according to DJI.

    • Hello Mark, thanks for your comment.

      Of course, the exchange should only be for a reason. Bent propellers are defective propellers and therefore a very important reason for an exchange.

      The installation of third-party propellers must be decided by everyone. I personally like to fly with carbon propellers, but as mentioned in the article, third-party propellers can affect flight characteristics.

      Personally, I would never use new propellers with old screws, but most screws are included with original DJI replacement propellers as well as third-party propellers.

  2. I have examined this carefully and have reached the (tested) conclusion that the motor speed warning appears when the Firmware is upgraded by the DJI FLY app on the Mini. When the firmware is upgraded via the DJI ASSISTANT app under Windows on a PC, the bug does NOT appear. This has been tested with 0500 and the DJI FLY version 1.1.0 (which I came across quite by chance, and have yet to see a DJI announcement regarding it).
    Incidentally, when I was flying with the 0500 installed via the DJI FLY app, at one point the motor speed warning prevented me from take-off. Considering that the Mini subsequently flew like a bird both under 0400 and under 0500 from ASSISTANT – meaning no problem with propellers or motors – I fail too see how this can be called a “feature”. I see it as an impediment. Warn people – OK. But let them decide what to do.

    Regarding Admin’s advice not to use new propellers with old screws, I’ve seen or read that the screws come covered with Locktite glue, and new screws should always be used when changing propellers. A used screw will not secure propellers as well as a new one.

    • Hey Avraham,
      in principle, I would always recommend the update using the DJI Assistant (Clean Install). This takes a little longer, but with an OTA update (Over The Air) the entire firmware is not reloaded, only the “small” changes.
      Although this is faster, it is much more prone to errors.

  3. How about a new mavic mini with first use and update firmware had the dame issue???i don’t really believe the case s firmware problem..period!

  4. In reply to Padazis when I got my MM brand new it had pieces of tape securing the propellers. That tape alone had my propellers bent up pretty bad. I was concerned about it from the moment I saw it.

  5. Ich glaube der tipp, die Propeller in Richtung Gimbal zu drehen, wenn der Copter in das Case soll, ist ziemlich kontraproduktiv. Erst dann werden sie gestresst. Werden sie parallel gefaltet, liegen sie in der Mulde und werden nicht gedrückt. Ich habe eher die Propellerhalter in Verdacht. Sie drücken die Propeller auf den Body.

    • Hallo Peter,
      die Propeller in Richtung Gimbal drehen oder parallel falten ist eigentlich identisch, wenn ich sie parallel falte bewegen sie sich oft von alleine nach vorne. Hauptsache sie liegen im Case der Fly More Combo nicht ständig auf der Erhöhung.

  6. Well, i got the error right after installing the latest FW. Left rear prop.
    I looked at it, saw nothing and flew again. Same error occurs again.

    Then I swapped the props from left rear tot right front. this are the exact same props.

    And guess what? Flew after this without any errors. Made about 10 flights, around 1,30h. No problems anymore.

    So if this was supposed to be I would like to have an next error on the front right engine?

  7. Hi Admin, thanks for the OTA explanation – something I did not know. Since I updated the 0500 Mini Firmware with DJI ASSIST 2 and installed DJI FLY v1.1.0, I have flown three times today, with no errors whatsoever. What really surprises me is that no word has been heard from DJI, not about the new 0500 Firmware update, not about the new DJI FLY version, and not a word of clarification (bug or feature) about the “motor speed” message. I’m guessing that it’s because they are all busy with the new AIR 2 announcement, and since AIR 2 is tied to the MINI umbilically because they both use DJI FLY, they don’t want the problem publicized.

  8. Thanks for the information. It is indeed a nice new feature but most op the “bug” reports mentionned a problem on the left rear side. This makes me think it must be a bug. Why should we all have the same problem on exactly the same propeller???

  9. Ich hatte das angebliche Motorproblem auch hinten links und habe die Propeller dann mit denen von vorne rechts ausgetauscht. Kaum zu glauben, aber das Problem ist tatsächlich nach vorne rechts mitgewandert, obwohl an den Propellern absolut nichts zu sehen war. Vielleicht sollte DJI die Empfindlichkeit der Überwachung etwas reduzieren, damit wirklich nur beschädigte Propeller oder Motoren diagnostiziert werden.

  10. hallo…..also ich finde es sehr nervig, dass DJI die Empfindlichkeit nicht reduziert, denn die Mavic Mini wäre ansonsten ja eine tolle Sache. Doch so macht es keinen Spass zu fliegen! Habe die Enterprice, die Mavic 2 und die Mini……alles gute Drohnen, doch die Mini werde ich verkaufen. Habe keine Lust immer die Propeller abzunehmen oder eben sogar einen Absturz in Kauf nehmen…..

  11. I have a new Mavic Mini only a few months old, and just started receiving this error message in past few weeks on my mini, left rear rotor like everyone else. Read as much as I could find on the issue and as a first effort I swapped left/rear with right/front propellers and after a couple of flights I am no longer getting the message.

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